Turn Off Portrait Mode After The Fact

Portrait mode is a fun and powerful computational photography tool included with iPhone 7Plus, 8Plus, X, XR, SX, 11, 11Pro and 11Pro Max.

It simulates the BOKEH effect that many professional portrait photographers like to use. On a DSLR, you’d use a “fast” lens – meaning a lens with a wide aperture. This allows the foreground subject to stand out from the background by making the background blurry.

iPhone 11 – Photos Outside the Frame

If you use an iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max, you can activate a setting in your camera app that allows you to capture data outside the frame. This works with the telephoto or wide-angle lens.

The outside the frame option automatically records what’s outside the frame using one of the other lenses. This can be useful in case you accidentally left or cut something out that was crucial to the picture.

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